Occasionally, I also write for general-audience publications, give talks, or am interviewed by the media. I mainly focus on the region of the world I know best, namely post-communist Europe, and/or the thematic topics listed under my research interests. If you’d like me to consider a writing project, speaking engagement, or interview request, please contact me.

General-Audience Publications:

“What Poland Sees in the Three Seas Initiative,” ZOiS Spotlight 28, 17 July 2019
“Blessings and Curses from Constantinople: How the Orthodox Church is Reshaping the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine,” Foreign Affairs, 25 October 2018
“A House Divided: Orthodoxy in Post-Maidan Ukraine,” New Eastern Europe XXXI.3-4 (May-Aug. 2018)
“Combative Pasts: The Politics of History in Post-Communist Europe,” New Eastern Europe XXV.1 (January-February 2017): 108-115
“Putin’s Arctic Ambitions: Russia’s Economic Aspirations in the Far North,” Foreign Affairs, 5 May 2016
“Putin’s Patriarch: Does the Kremlin Control the Church?” Foreign Affairs, 11 February 2016
“How to Disappear Completely: Europe’s Right to Be Forgotten Laws and the Future of Internet Privacy,” Foreign Affairs, 16 November 2015
“The Spotless Mind: Behind Europe’s Attempts to Legislate Memory,” Foreign Affairs, 14 July 2015


“Russia Set to Stage Charm Offensive in Arkhangelsk,” Arctic Deeply, March 28, 2017
“Russia’s Reimagined Arctic,” World Policy, March 15, 2017 (reprinted as “Russia’s Reimagined Arctic: Restoring Status,” Arctic Deeply, March 24, 2017)
“The Ukraine Crisis: Russia and the West,” Yearbook of the Institute of East-Central Europe 14.1 (2016): 1-7 (reprinted as “Putin is Not a Grand Tactician, He is an Opportunist,” New Eastern Europe 3-4 [May-August 2016]: 125-131)

Media Appearances:

Talk Eastern Europe: “Religion and Politics—Ukraine Edition,” February 5, 2019
The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower (PBS): “The 21st Century Resurgence of the ‘Strongman’” (Ep. 313, fall 2018)
UkeTube: “Ukraine after Maidan: Revisiting Domestic and Regional Security” (June 6, 2018)